07 Nov - 2013

Chilean salmon producers Australis, Blumar, Camanchaca and Yadran announced Tuesday they have formed a new alliance to “conquer” the Chinese market.

The companies, which combined ship around 3,000 metric tons of salmon to the Chinese market currently, are targeting around 10,000 metric tons of exports to the country in the first year, in a range of formats.

The companies have launched a new brand, New World Currents, uniting their efforts.

“So far Chilean salmon production has focused on certain markets like the US and Brazil, where the product is already known and the competition is strong,” said Erwin Campos, who has been named director of the project. “What we seek with this initiative is to diversify these markets…with importers and local distributors, allowing us to position the product in a country that has enormous growth potential, especially within the middle class consumption that is rapidly emerging.”

Campos will be responsible for implementing the New World Currents brand out of his Shanghai office, but business executives from each o the four companies will oversee the efforts through an executive committee.