Processing and Sales

Fish processing plays an important role in the salmon industry. Australis processing follows strict food safety standards and animal welfare.

The sites receive the fish (whole salmon or trout) and by using advanced technology and skilled labor, turn it into value added products according to customer requirements from the target markets.

For commercialization purposes pre-sold production and execution of medium and long term agreements are promoted.

For Pacific salmon or Coho and Trout, prices are set and agreed for an entire harvest season. For Atlantic salmon, on the other hand, price for a portion of the production (delivered fresh to the U.S.) is established with one week advance and for other markets -such as the Latin America- it is set on a monthly basis.

For frozen products, transactions are set case by case basis, such as long-term programs of 3 months, 6 months or more. This policy practice allows its customers to optimize and reduce price fluctuations in the spot market.