Fresh Water

The stage production of a quality smolt is done through Agua Dulce Australis SA

Subsidiary Australis Agua Dulce S.A. is responsible for the incubation of eggs, and production of quality fry and smolt in fish farms located on land, before being taken to the fattening period at the centers of sea water.

The fish farming process in freshwater, is a process that lasts 10 months and starts with the incubation of the eggs , under the best conditions and technologies available in the market. It is one of the most critical stages in the life cycle of the salmon, which requires clear and well-oxygenated water in twilight conditions. Under professional care of the highest quality, the ova reaches its breaking egg development (hatching), starting to swim with their yolk sac, which will be its first power supply, a process that ends with the absorption bag.

As a second stage, the fish (fry) is transferred to freshwater ponds and gets its first feeding of the best diets, specially developed for this process, where the fish is taught to eat. This process of exclusive nurturing and care of the juvenile, culminating when the fish reaches 130 grs. (Salar), 140 grs. (Coho) or 180 grs. (Trout), in addition to physiological and behavioral changes, which is now called Smolt. The process ends with a fish farming Smolt of the highest quality, which is the starting point for transfer to crops seawater.