Investor Relations

Australis leaves available to its current and potential investors, and also all those interested in having a deeper knowlegde about the company, this section that gathers all the official documents that have been published by the company up to date.


Quarterly Results Q218


Quarterly Results Q118


Quarterly Results Q317

DescargaEstados Financieros
Análisis Razonado Q1-2020pdfEstados Financieros Consolidados al 31 de marzo de 2020pdf

(Español) Estados Financieros marzo 2020

Estados Financieros Diciembre 2019pdfAnálisis Razonado pdf

(Español) Estados Financieros diciembre 2019

Estados Financieros 09-2019pdfAnálisis Razonadopdf

(Español) Estados Financieros Septiembre 2019