Throughout our production process, Australis maintains special care of health and environmental conditions both in its freshwater operations as well as in the sea water aquaculture concessions, thus carrying out a sustainable production. In fresh water, among others, the following measures are carried out:

Some preventive measures that are carried out:

  • Vaccination Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (IPN) to 100% of the fry early.
Permanent monitoring of the health conditions of fresh water influents and effluents that feed the farms.
  • Maintenance of appropriate crop densities fish farms.
  • Continuous monitoring of the health conditions of the influent and effluent of fresh water that feed the farms.
  • 100% of smolts vaccination upon entering the sea.
  • Strict management program and control of the caligidosis (caligus), which exceeds the regulatory standards.
  • In farms, we fulfill additional procedures that assure consumers in health, environmental and other aspects, certified by Global GAP.
  • Our system of health surveillance, includes diagnostic with molecular techniques to differentiate antibiotic resistance and thus make better use of antibiotic treatments.

For activities performed in sea water we work together with Plankton Andino, a company that jointly implements the Oceanographic and Environmental Program in salmonid fish (POAS). The purpose of this program is to improve the decision making process in the sustainable production of trout and salmon, reducing the risks associated with different oceanographic events from accurate historical information on the evolution of the main variables of each concession.