Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is offering products with world-class standards, developed under a modern, efficient and flexible management system and through an environmentally friendly productive process, with maximum health security and responsible towards its workers.


Our vision is to be acknowledged as an innovative, efficient, sustainable and respectful company towards the natural environment and supportive of the neighboring communities where it is present, thus achieving cost and profitability leadership and focused on creating value for its shareholders.


Cost Leadership
Find the best and most efficient way to produce the raw materials available to produce quality products that can meet the challenging global demand
Commitment to our workers
Promoting integral development of our collaborators in a safe, respectful and peaceful labor environment.
Innovation and quality in harmony with the environment.
Ongoing search for better solutions in its production process  to provide high quality and fresh products with utmost precaution and care for the environment and the communities neighboring our operations.
Best Practices
Our best practices are abiding by principles that promote the best corporate practices and compliance with applicable rules and regulations in all activities undertaken by Australis Seafoods Group, ASF’s directors, executives and employees.