Australis took its first steps in 2003 when its current controller, Isidoro Quiroga Moreno, acquired Australis S.A., a fresh water smolts producer that already had 10 years of experience. It was only in 2007 when it expanded its business to salt growing salmon through its subsidiary Australis Mar S.A. That same year, with the purpose of giving a corporate structure to its aquaculture activities, Australis Seafoods S.A. was incorporated as a holding company.

With great determination and financial resources, Isidoro Quiroga decides to personally get involved in the salmon business and- in the middle of the ISA virus crisis that affected the Chilean industry –  with the support of a highly experienced team, they jointly developed a production model appropriate for such health situation.


Going public in Santiago Stock Exchange

In June 2011, Australis Seafoods S.A. went public in the Santiago Stock Exchange. As was proposed to the new company investors, the funds then raised have been destined to finance company growth plans. On the other hand and in order to secure a better distribution of its products in one of its most important markets, the American, the holding company acquired that same year, fifty percent of one the major salmonid distributors in the U.S., True Salmon Pacific Holding.

Leader in the Chilean salmon industry

Australis Seafoods has come to occupy a leading position in the Chilean salmon industry. This is thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of the company’s controller, a high level management with extensive experience in the business and with a capacity to respond rapidly in decision making; a team of collaborators that- with commitment and dedication- strive every day to achieve the goal of making Australis Seafoods one of the main salmon exporters worldwide.